Project completed, feel free to download the updated files: 

I have started exporting new road files for the 2024 season. There are a few changes compared to the 2023 and previous years.

  • I might have to omit waterways this year for a few different reasons. FIXED
    • The Texas waterways file has an error/conflict near the Central Texas KGRK site and is crashing the software FIXED
    • Waterways in some states/jurisdictions are very cluttered.
  • I am trying to offer a wider range around some radar sites.
  • I added additional storage space to the website, so I should be able to post zip files for each site as well as zipped by state. KDIX which is physically in NJ will be in the since it is assigned to the Philly office.

2024 Export project status:

100.0% Complete
Alaska Complete   Louisiana Complete   Oklahoma Complete
Alabama Complete   Massachusetts Complete   Oregon Complete
Arkansas Complete   Maine Complete   Pennsylvania Complete
Arizona Complete   Michigan Complete   South Carolina Complete
California Complete   Minnesota Complete   South Dakota Complete
Colorado Complete   Missouri Complete   Tennessee Complete
Delaware Complete   Mississippi Complete   Texas Complete
Florida Complete   Montana Complete   Utah Complete
Georgia Complete   North Carolina Complete   Virginia Complete
Iowa Complete   North Dakota Complete   Vermont Complete
Idaho Complete   Nebraska Complete   Washington Complete
Illinois Complete   New Mexico Complete   Wisconsin Complete
Indiana Complete   Nevada Complete   West Virginia Complete
Kansas Complete   New York Complete   Wyoming Complete
Kentucky Complete   Ohio Complete